Is branding a good investment for you?

A lot of times people ask us, is branding really worth it?  "but we've already got a logo and a website. Isn't that what we really need?" 

We wish it were that simple - it's just the tip of the iceberg. Branding is more than just a fancy logo and website. It's, in fact, the best investment you'll make for your business's credibility and recall.

"I still don't see the point. Our customers already know who we are and what we do," said one of the team members from our SaaS client team, trying to play the devil's advocate. While this may be true, the potential of branding goes beyond your existing customers. We believe that the transition from "Existing" to "Potential" customers begins with a strong brand that can help you cut through the clutter and your competitors. Let's take a deep dive into understanding what makes branding an investment that's worth it. 

The first connection and the first impression: 

As a customer, you browse different products, looking for the one that "answers" your needs. Your eye meets a product that has beautiful packaging. It delivers on the "need" you're looking for - this is the first impression between you and the product, also the first connection - the first of the many interactions that will happen between now and the entirety of the customer's journey. 

Being unique is a skill, not a choice: 

With the overly-saturated market and design trends, it's hard to stand out - especially if you lack a brand strategy that informs the rest of the branding. Without it, you will fight for the share of voice in a very crowded space. Branding answers these concerns – by effectively communicating what makes your business unique and convinces your customers as to why they should choose you over your competitors. Being different in your ways to speak with your customer is not a choice. It's an informed decision that comes with branding.

Trust isn't accidental:

Successful businesses build trust among their consumer - sure, if it's a good product, word of mouth spreads, and trust seems to start building, but is it that simple? 

While a good product fulfills a functional need, good branding provides an emotional benefit - it does not happen accidentally - but with consistency and cohesive brand messaging, you can elevate the brand trust that, in turn, will boost your word of mouth and raise your customer base. 

Emotional connection is the strongest connection:

When brands talk like humans, they evoke an emotional response, strengthening the bond and likeability. Here's an example: you walk into a store and come across different brands of chocolate bars, but one that catches your eye has this written over it: "tastes like childhood" - although it's a new brand, the written messaging has triggered an emotional response in you - you really want to try it (because who wouldn't wanna go back and relive their childhood?) - ultimately, you become loyal to that brand, and you're more likely to keep buying it in the future. 

Emotional connections can lead to strong brand affiliation and repeat customers/purchases. You absolutely can't miss this! 

Value perception = Quality vs. Price:

Value perception is actually the worth of a product relative to its price. Strong brands have a higher perceived value because customers are willing to pay an extra price or a premium fee - simply because they trust the brand, find it reliable, and trust the value it provides. This is all driven by human psychology, which perceives that higher quality means higher price, and branding is just human psychology having fun. 

Consistency matters:

A strong product/service has cohesive branding, which means it looks the same wherever you interact with that brand - that's brand recognition. For example, the consistency will remain on websites, social media channels, advertising, packaging, or any other consumer touchpoint. This is possible by ensuring proper brand guidelines are in place so the brand comes across as one. 

Leverage storytelling - Sell the need, not the service:

Since early times, humans have been storytellers - It is in our DNA to respond and resonate with them. A strong brand will always prefer to tell stories and build a strong brand narrative with a consistent tone of voice. This allows a brand to connect with the customer on a deeper level to sell the need, not the service/product.

In conclusion, branding goes beyond just a logo or a website - it's the crux of your business's identity, the stories you narrate, the connections you forge with your customers. It's the first impression you make, the tone of voice that you retain, and much more than what we can fully capture. If all of this is strategized and crafted well, it can lead to great brand love and loyalty. Your customers will feel part of your branding ecosystem and become your silent ambassadors, which will solve your business problems. Branding is not just a good investment - it's a vital investment and the one that matters most to your business. 


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